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Ana Sipciu

Date post: 12-Dec-2014
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10 things I’d LOVE about you cum se construieste o relatie online
Page 1: Ana Sipciu

10 things I’d LOVE about you

cum se construieste o relatie online

Page 2: Ana Sipciu

web 2.0 ?

cf wikipediaweb 2.0 = genuine interactivity

= dialog= posibilitatea crearii unei relatii cu


Page 3: Ana Sipciu

vrei sa ma cunosti.[nu, nu e o intrebare]

Intreaba-ma lucruri importante, nu doar

numele si adresa de e-mail!

Page 4: Ana Sipciu

vrei sa ma asculti?

Daca ma asculti, poti sa transformi o experienta

negativa intr-una pozitiva.[eu o sa povestesc oricum tuturor ce mi

s-a intamplat!]

Pepsi.ro – forumul folosit ca modalitate de a discuta cu consumatorii in promotia de


Consumerist.com urmareste povestea unui client nemultumit de Apple

Page 5: Ana Sipciu

fii sincer!

FLOG = fake blogAllIWantForXmasIsAPSP.com (Sony)autori: “Charlie” & “Jeremy”

• Where'd my comment go? I merely suggested that Elite Beat Agents would be a better game for people.

• This is retarded. As a gamer who is part of Sony's target

audience I'm insulted not just by the integrity of this website, but that this reflects how intelligent Sony's marketing department thinks I am.

• Well done , your appalling standard of advertising has made it embarrassing to own one of your products.

• This fake cool vibe is as pathetic as an old uncle dancing to hip hop at a family wedding.

• How many consumers has this website activated so far?• Activated or Pissed off and insulted?

• The funniest part is that they are speaking some kind of hip-hop-net-speak that nobody actually uses, at least nobody who would buy a PSP.

• Does some guy hi up in a sony office really think 'This is what kids think is cool!' Jesus...

• First...I better not get added to a mailing list for giving my email

address. Second...Sony...PLEASE stop trying to be 'hip'. Please START focusing on product and games and opening a REAL dialogue with your users to make your gaming products better.

Page 6: Ana Sipciu

incanta-ma!Reversa - see more side effectsWinner Cannes 2007 - Gold Cyber Lionwww.seemoresideeffects.ca

Please take a few moments to discover the full range of Reversa anti-

aging skin products.But be warned… there are some rather

startling side effects!

Page 7: Ana Sipciu

fii interesant!

artofoffice.comdiscussions about using Mac Office, from tips & tricks to philosophies & big ideas.

challenge memake me see things in a

different waylet me get involved

Page 8: Ana Sipciu

vino acolo unde sunt euUniversal Music @ Youtube

Target @ Facebook

Page 9: Ana Sipciu

nu reinventa roata

Night Driving by Golfwww.night-driving.com

With special appearance by

jumpcut.comGoogle Maps

Page 10: Ana Sipciu


Nu ma intreba ce vreau.Just wow me.

www.nikesupersonic.comtakes you straight to

http://www.myspace.com/NikeSupersonic(no standalone website!)

Page 11: Ana Sipciu

invata sa-ti pese!de lucrurile de care imi pasa si mie


• Pepsi USA demonstreaza ce face concret pentru mediul inconjurator

• ofera sfaturi• da posibilitatea consumatorilor sa se


Page 12: Ana Sipciu

fii curajos!Smirnoff Tea Partay

Cannes Cyber Lions – Gold Cyber Lion www.teapartay.com

Dove EvolutionCannes Cyber Lions – Grand Prix


VIRAL = transmis de la consumator la consumator

Viral NU este sinonim cu ONLINE!

Page 13: Ana Sipciu

… si vom trai fericiti pana la adanci batraneti

multumesc! :-)