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Politics of Romania

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The Government and Politics of Romania

Politics of Romania

Politics of Romania

By: Benedict Gombocz

Government of Romania

Government (Guvernul): Unitary semi-presidential republic and multi-party democracyPresident (Preedintele Romniei): Traian BsescuPrime Minister (Prim-ministru): Victor Ponta President of Senate (Presedintele Senatului): Crin Antonescu President of Chamber (Presedintele Camera): Valeriu Zgonea


Parliament represented parties

Democratic Liberal Party (Partidul Democrat-Liberal, PD-L)Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (Romniai Magyar Demokrata Szvetsg, RMDSz; Uniunea Democrat Maghiar din Romnia, UDMR) Social Democratic Party (Partidul Social Democrat, PSD)National Liberal Party (Partidul Naional Liberal, PNL) Conservative Party (Partidul Conservator, PC)

Years of Romanian presidential elections and the winning party

1990: National Salvation Front (Frontul Salvrii Naionale, FSN) 1992: Social Democratic Party (Partidul Social Democrat, PSD)1996: Romanian Democratic Convention (Convenia Democrat Romn, CDR)2000: Social Democratic Party (Partidul Social Democrat, PSD)2004: Justice and Truth Alliance (Aliana Dreptate i Adevr, D.A. PNL-PD) 2009: Democratic Liberal Party (Partidul Democrat-Liberal, PD-L)

Non-parliament represented parties with local representatives

Greater Romania Party (Partidul Romnia Mare, PRM)New Generation Party Christian Democratic (Partidul Noua Generaie Cretin Democrat, PNGCD)Christian-Democratic National Peasants Party (Partidul Naional rnesc Cretin Democrat, PN-CD)

Democratic Liberal Party

Populist, centre-right party Currently the ruling partyFounded on 15 December 2007 when the Democratic Party merged with the Liberal Democratic PartyPart of then governing Justice and Alliance from 2004 to 2007 Won most seats in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in 2008 and formed a government coalition with the Social Democratic Party

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania

Main political organization representing the Hungarian minority of RomaniaOrganized as a political alliance, but nevertheless acts as one of the five main parties of Romania Member or supporter of every government between 1996 and 2008Entered opposition after 2008 legislative elections, but returned as a member of the government coalition in late 2009

Social Democratic Party

Formed in 1992 after post-communist National Salivation Front broke apartAdopted its present name after merging with a minor social-democratic party in 2001Governed Romania twice: From 1992 to 1996 and from 2000 to 2004Entered into a coalition with the Democratic Liberal Party and formed a government led by Emil BocBecause of disagreements with Boc, the Social Democrats abandoned the coalition government in 2009


National Liberal Party

Centre-right liberal partyLargest member of then governing Justice and Truth alliance until April 2007Entered opposition after 2008 legislative election and won 19.74% of seats in the Parliament; new government coalition formed by former ally Democratic Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party had 69.85% Formed Social Liberal Union political alliance along with Social Democratic Party and Conservative Party on 5 February 2011

Conservative Party

Founded on 18 December 1991 under the name Romanian Humanist Party (Partidul Umanist Romn, PUR)Junior member of the then ruling coalition from 2005 until 3 December 2006 Took its current name on 7 May 2005 States that it promotes tradition, family, social solidarity, European integration, and nationalism without chauvinism

Greater Romania Party

Radical right-wing, ultra-nationalist partyFounded in June 1991 Participated in government briefly from 1993 to 1995 (in Nicolae Vcroius cabinet) Attempted to align with the European Peoples Party bloc in the European Parliament, during which it briefly changed its name to Greater Romania Peoples Party

New Generation Party

Nationalist, Christian democratic political partyFounded in 2000Taken over by businessman Gigi Becali, who became its leader, in January 2004Won 2.2% of the popular vote but no seats in the Chamber of Deputies and Senate in 2004 legislative electionsHas been described as the United States Department of State as an extreme nationalist party

Christian-Democratic National Peasants Party

Christian-Democratic partySuccessor of the National Peasants Party (which, in turn, was the successor of the Romanian National Party from Transylvania) Founded in December 1989 under the name Partidul Naional rnesc Cretin i Democrat(PNCD or PNcd, Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party)First officially registered party after end of communism

Emil Boc

President of Democratic Liberal Party and PM of Romania from 22 December 2008 until resignation on 6 February 2012 Born on 6 September 1966 in Rchiele (now Mrgu)Previously served as Mayor of Cluj-Napoca from 2004 to 2009 Acted as the head of an interim cabinet until a new Prime Minister and cabinet were confirmed by Parliament

Hunor Kelemen

President of Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania and a member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies since 2000Born on 18 October 1967 in CraWas nominated as his partys candidate in the 2009 presidential elections and received 3.8% of the valid votesRomanias Minister of Culture in Emil Bocs government since December 2009

Victor Ponta

Leader of Social Democratic Party and member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies for Gorj County Current PM of Romania Born on 20 September 1972 in Bucharest Was Minister-Delegate for Relations with Parliament from 2008 to 2009 in the Emil Boc cabinetReceived a masters degree in International Criminal Law from the University of Catania in 2000

Crin Antonescu

President of National Liberal Party and President of the Senate Born on 21 September 1959 in Tulcea Was a candidate in the 2009 presidential electionWas elected as a member of the Senate in the 2008 legislative election Member of the Chamber of Deputies between 1996 and 2008; acted as party delegates leader between 2007 and 2008

Daniel Constantin

President of the Conservative PartyBorn on 26 June 1978 in Bucharest Previously served as President of APIA (Agenia de Pli i Intervenie pentru Agricultur, Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture) for six months- April to October 2009

Corneliu Vadim Tudor

Leader of Greater Romania Party Born on 28 November 1949 in Bucharest Served as a senator from 1992 to 2008Known for his nationalist and patriotic views Founded the Nationalist Weekly Romnia Mare (Greater Romania), a magazine favorable to government policies, in June 1990

George Becali

Leader of New Generation Party Born on 25 June 1958 in Zagna, Vdeni, BrilaBest known for his participation in the Steaua Bucureti football club Member of the European Parliament since 2009

Marian Milut

President of Christian-Democratic National Peasants Party Born on 29 December 1955 in Craiova, Dolj CountyWas also president of the Romanian Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Union and assisted the Unions co-operation with the European Popular Party

Results of 2009 presidential elections First round

Results of 2009 presidential elections Second round

Summary of 22 November and 6 December 2009 presidential elections results

Democratic Liberal Party: 32.44%Social Democratic Party + Conservative Party: 31.15%National Liberal Party: 20.02%Greater Romania Party: 5.56%Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania: 3.83%Independent: 3.18%New Generation Party Christian Democratic: 1.91%Green Party: 0.62%Socialist Alliance Party: 0.45%Independent: 0.35% Ecologist Party of Romania: 0.23%Independent: 0.21%

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