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NEW PEUGEOT 3008 - Peugeot в Молдове · PDF fileA EXPERIENCE BRAND NEW The New Peugeot...

Date post: 18-Mar-2018
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NEW PEUGEOT 3008 Peugeot in Moldova: (+373 22) 53-50-18 www.peugeot.md
  • NEW PEUGEOT 3008

    Peugeot in Moldova: (+373 22) 53-50-18www.peugeot.md



  • A


    The New Peugeot 3008 improves on its existing strengths withelegant, contemporary style. Striking new lighting makes thisnew design easily identifiable.

    Its stylish interior and intuitive technology create a refreshedambience and quality finish that make the New 3008 a top of therange Crossover.

    An ergonomic driving position is combined with dynamic, newtechnology. The colour head up display provides essential driverinformation in your field of vision and the reversing camera* makesmanoeuvring easier.

    Robust and practical, the New Peugeot 3008 offers a brand newdriving experience.

    *Standard or optional according to version.


    Striking new light signatures emphasise the elegant, contemporarydesign of the New 3008. A strand of LEDs underline the technologicalheadlights* and three floating claws emerge from the rear lights,creating subtle contrasts that draw attention to theircharacteristically Peugeot feline appearance.

    The stylish front face has been modernised to complement thestreamlined bodywork. The structured wheel arches, sculptured wingdesign and chrome trim reflect the light and enhance the New 3008scrossover identity.

    *Standard or optional according to version.


    Grip Control optimises traction in low grip conditions andallows you to choose the appropriate traction for the roadsurface from five available modes: Standard, Snow, Mud,Sand and ESP off. This enhanced traction adds to thepracticality of New 3008 and makes for an exciting drive.

    Perfectly integrated into the centre console, the sleek, sophisticateddesign of the Grip Control dial will please technology fans. Nomatter what the conditions, youll enjoy every journey with the helpof specific Mud and Snow tyres.*Available as a cost option.

    Snow Mud SandStandard ESP off

  • Get behind the wheel of the New 3008 to experience a sleek,exclusive interior and unique driving position.

    The raised seating position offers saloon-worthy dynamism whilethe elegantly designed centre console combines top qualitymaterials with the latest technology. Chrome trim and stylish doorhandles complete the design.

    The ergonomic passenger compartment makes driving intuitive,conveniently locating every control within easy reach. The head upretractable colour screen is controlled by easy to use toggleswitches and displays essential driver information including speed,cruise control with speed limiter and Distance Alert*. All of thisinformation is visible without having to take your eyes off the road.


    *Standard, optional or unavailable according to version.

  • Technological equipment for improved safety.

    New on 3008:The reversing camera* automatically activates when reversegear is engaged and allows the driver to view the area behindthe vehicle while the manoeuvre is taking place.

    Parking space measurement system*The parking space measurement system assesses the size ofthe potential parking space and informs you whether or not it ispossible to park in the available space. It also evaluates thelevel of difficulty of the manoeuvre.

    Parking aid*Front and rear parking aids inform the driver of the distancebetween the car and any obstacle.

    Automatic Electric Parking Brake**The electric parking brake is automatically applied when theengine is switched off and releases automatically onacceleration. It incorporates the Hill Assist function, whichimmobilises your vehicle for a short time (approximately twoseconds) during a hill start, the time it takes to move from thebrake pedal to the accelerator pedal.


    *Standard, optional or unavailable according to version.**Please read the handbook instructions carefully.


    Every journey is a unique experience when you have a panoramicview of the colours and landscapes outside.

    The large panoramic glass roof* increases interior light, creating aserene atmosphere and a sense of well-being. *Standard, optional or unavailable according to version


  • Smart and practical, New 3008 adapts to your lifestyle. Its threeposition boot and fold flat rear seats have been intelligentlydesigned to make your life easier.

    New 3008 offers various practical storage areas. There are spacious door pockets and a large ventilated storage space isintegrated in the central front armrest.

    Three position boot 1. Maximises boot volume to provide the largest possible load space.2. Allows for a flat floor with split tailgate.3. The adjustable boot floor provides greater security for storing your

    valuables away.

    The boot volume ranges from 512 litres (432 dm3) under the parcelshelf to 1604 litres (1241 dm3), including all storage compartments.The flat folding front passenger seat increases the loading length to2.62m.

    1/3 2/3 split folding magic flat rear seatsThe rear seats fold down at the touch of a button and, for extraconvenience, New 3008 offers several storage areas in the passengercompartment and three 12V sockets.


  • DIESEL ENGINESA range of diesel engines are available onNew 3008 and they are all equipped withFAP as standard (FAP is a filter whichreduces diesel particulate emissions).

    1.6 e-HDi 115 FAP EGC: This enginedelivers high performance while emittingonly 110 g/km of CO2 (with energy savertyres). In automatic mode the ElectronicGearbox Control optimises gear changesand reduces fuel consumption compared toa manual gearbox.

    1.6 HDi 115 FAP: This 1.6 litre HDi dieselengine has a 6 speed manual gearbox andemits from as little as 125 g/km of CO2.

    2.0 HDi 150 FAP: This engine satisfies Euro5 regulated emission standards and emitsonly 139 g/km of CO2.

    2.0 HDi 163 FAP: This 2 litre diesel engineis equipped with an automatic sequentialtiptronic gearbox and emits only 159 g/kmof CO2.

    PETROL ENGINESTwo petrol engines are available on the New3008.

    1.6 VTi 120: This 1.6 litre VTi petrol enginehas a 5 speed manual gearbox. It satisfiesEuro 5 regulated emission standards andemits only 155 g/km of CO2.

    1.6 THP 156: This 1.6 litre THP petrolengine has a 6 speed manual gearbox.It satisfies Euro 5 regulated emissionstandards and emits only 159 g/km of CO2.


    The New 3008 offers you exceptional road performance from its wide range ofengines.


    Peugeot is a leading manufacturer of low emission vehicles andmore than half of its global sales are for vehicles emitting less than140g of CO2 per km. This performance is based on proventechnology: the Diesel Particulate Filter.

    Launched in 2000 and equipped as standard on more than 2.1 million vehicles, it reduces particle emissions by 99.99%.Peugeot has also led the way on other breakthrough technologiesincluding Stop & Start and a new generation of HDi engines.

    A RESPONSIBLE DRIVEThe New 3008s aerodynamic body shape has been carefullydesigned to optimise fuel consumption and can reduce it further if equipped with low resistance tyres. Please refer to the tableopposite for further information.

    HDI FAPHDi technology is associated with a very efficient anti-pollutionsystem, the diesel particulate filter (FAP). A self-cleaning system, it processes the gases emitted from the combustion of diesel in theengine and reduces diesel particles to approximately 0.004 g/km.

    The fuel consumption detailed in the table above corresponds to the values approved following European regulations, applicable to all manufacturers and to all cars sold in Europe. These values allow you to compare vehicles and inform your choice:Urban consumption is obtained over an approximate 4km course of urban type driving.Extra Urban consumption is obtained over an approximate 7km course of extra urban type driving.Combined fuel consumption is an average of the two courses, over an approximate course of 11km.These values are obtained under strict test conditions (temperature, mass, characteristics of roller test bench, etc) and a very steady driving profile. Real traffic conditions, weatherconditions, driving style, tyre pressure, extensive use of air conditioning and/or heating and vehicle condition can lead to a variance of consumption different from those approved.


    1.6 VTi 120 1.6 THP 156

    Gearbox 5 speed manual 6 speed manual

    Tyre size 16, 17 or 18 16, 17 or 18

    Urban Drive Cycle (mpg) 30.7 30.4

    Extra Urban Drive Cycle (mpg) 53.2 51.4

    Combined Drive Cycle (mpg) 42.1 40.9

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions 155 159

    1.6 HDi 115 1.6 e-HDi 115 2.0 HDi 150 2.0 HDi 163

    Gearbox 6 speed manual 6 speed piloted (EGC) 6 speed manual6 speedautomatic

    Tyre size 16 or 17 18 16 or 17 18 16, 17 or 18 17 or 18

    Urban Drive Cycle (mpg) 48.7 48.7 62.7 60.1 41.5 35.3

    Extra Urban Drive Cycle (mpg) 67.3 64.2 70.6 68.9 62.7 56.4

    Combined Drive Cycle (mpg) 58.9 57.6 67.3 65.7 53.2 46.3

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions 125 127 110 112 139 159


  • REINFORCED BODY STRUCTUREThe structure of the New 3008 is reinforced to be as strong aspossible, in order to better protect its occupants.

    AIRBAGSIn the event of a collision, 6 safety airbags will be deployed toprotect occupants.

    2 front airbags protect the front passengers. 2 side airbags are located in the back of the seat and in the sidetrim.

    2 curtains airbags limit the risks further and work alongside theside airbags.

    ESPAll versions of the New 3008 have a hi