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Evaluarea mandatului bordului executiv al AIESEC Craiova 2013-2014
  • 1.GIPo 10 GIPi 8 GCDPo 12 GCDPi 34 Exchange Results 1st of April 2013 - 31st of March 2014 Growth rate 2012-2013/ 2013-2014 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 GIPo GIPi GCDPo GCDPi Take it higher 2012-2013 BIG BANG 2013-2014 Growth rate 6% GCDP Incoming 50% GCDP Outgoing 42% GIP Outgoing 60% GIP Incoming LC Exchange no. Timisoara 164 Bucuresti 206 Cluj 145 Iasi 82 Brasov 47 Craiova 64 Pitesti 30 Tg. Mures 29 Oradea 21 Sibiu 29 Arad 26 Suceava 23 Galati 24 Constanta 12 National contribution Timisoara Bucuresti Cluj Iasi Brasov Craiova Pitesti Tg. Mures Oradea Sibiu Arad Suceava Galati Constanta

2. is a monthly event where Alumni, members and H4TF people meet and share AIESEC related experiences. In AIESEC Craiova we organized this event in April, June, August and November. No of Alumni as participants: 34 is the anniversary event that took place in July, gathering 130 members, Alumni and partners for the biggest AIESEC Craiova event. No of Alumni as participants: 54 is the non- formal part of the anniversary event where people are free to interact with each other and build nice relationships. No of Alumni as participants: 25 During the term we also awarded 4 Alumni Alumnus of the month for their involvement in the organization: Radu Mirea, Andreea Fratila, Tavi Vacarescu, Cristina Cojoaca. This marathon is an initiative made in May by the VP Alumni Development together with the LCP through which they managed to meet alumni from different generations who live in Bucharest. No of Alumni as participants: 8 We organized a special meeting the members had the chance to reconnect to mostly recent Alumni. No of Alumni as participants: 21 We organized a welcome party for one of our Alumnae (VP ICX 2004 2005) who is now living in Germany. No of Alumni as participants: 7 We organized the takeover event between the EB BigBang and the Executive League EB. No of Alumni as participants: 17 3. AIESEC Coaching for the EB meetings between the coach (1 Alumna) and the LCP. Delivering trainings in conferences: 3 Alumni in spring RTS for TACO new members, 1 Alumna in the summer conference SPARK for AIESEC Craiova members and 3 Alumni in autumn RTS for TACO new members. Preparation in autumn induction: 1 Alumnus for AIESEC Craiova new members. Participating at learning circles on sales: 3 Alumni for Corporate Development members Coaching on Finance: 2 Alumni for the VP Finance Coaching on Communication: 4 Alumni for VP and members Preparation on NCD: 1 Alumna delivering area preparation for the NCD Project brainstorming: 3 Alumnae being involved in brainstorming for NCD projects together with the area *Delivering trainings in the Sales Bootcamps: 3 Alumni from AIESEC Craiova for AIESEC Romania CD and AD members **Delivering preparation at RockMe 2013: 1 Alumna for AIESEC Romania CD and AD members Fundraising campaigns Inkinds for the office and conferences there were raised inkinds worth 120 euros International Congress there were raised 850 Euros from the auction that was made at AIESEC 22 to cover the fee and transportation for the LCP RockMe there were raised 65 euros for covering 2 members fees for the conference Exchange there were raised 300 euros for covering the transportation for a member who went in exchange EuroXpro there were raised 250 euros for covering the fee and transportation for the LCP 4. No. Name Current position Position in BoA Alumni 1. Radu Mirea Regional Branch Manager, Ministry of Economics, Trade and Business Environment President 2. Cristina Cojoaca Project Manager, ACZ Consulting EB BigBang coach 3. Daniel Neamu Enterprise Presales Consultant, Vodafone Sales 4. Alin Mechenici Marketing Director, JCI Romania Marketing 5. Octavian Vacarescu Owner, Octagram Creative Marketing 6. Claudiu Badescu Expert Strategies and Communitary Development, Zona Metropolitana Craiova Finance 7. Daniela Ilie Owner, danailie2004.blogspot.com Exchange 8. Anca Militaru HR Specialist at Hella HR Board of Advisors 5. SOCIAL MEDIA 2924 Likes 26% Growth YOUTH ENGAGED oGIP oGCDP iGIP iGCDP TMP/TLP Other 2668 Views 13 Subscribers 32Followers 1048 Impressions (1 Campaign) 265 Media Appearances 3% Growth More than 50 events PROMO CAMPAIGNS Resources here & here 6. (for trainers wannabe, trainees and EPs) (GROW, Youth Academy, Recruitment, oGCDP Recruitment, oGIP Recruitment) (for both main recruitments march & october 2013) ` Member of the month (each month, a member was awarded this title and received the fee for the next conference (s)he wanted to attend) Members Gala in SPARK (Best Team leader, Best Team worker, Best project, Exchanger, Proactivity, Innovation, Expansion, Network engagement), Autumn RTS (Most performing area, Best team leader, Best team worker, Proactivity) Investing in members fees for conferences (RYLF, SPARK) Not having a fee for the members who wanted to be raised on the platform Spring Recruitment Summer Recruitment Autumn Recruitment oGX days, Preparation for SU, OGP wiki preparation, preparation for EP buddies. Sales preparation, Matching preparation, learning circles (with alumni), Corporate OCPs preparation (TRY, BLC) Train the trainee buddies Voluntaris, UN Youth, ELSA, event Vorba aia Spring 2013 retention 16% Summer2013 retention : 16 % Autumn 2013 retention: 53% 7. Teaching Romanian Youth |OCP- Laurentiu Vilcea AIESEC Academy |OCP - Elena Trusca Business English Classes| OCP - Gabi Achim Taskforce matching | OCP- Gabi Achim Taskforce raising |OCP - Alina Stefanescu Career Days Business Language Classes | OCP - Adi Adam Teaching Romanian Youth Taskforce matching | OCP -Cristi Ghita 8. (number of meetings on March): winner Alin Oprea (matching for Octagram Creative): WINNER Gabi Achim SPARK competition (sales meetings 07.05- 20.07) no winner BOOTCAMP Competition (raising meetings 07.05- 01.08): winner Adrian Adam http://geaninasainu.wix.com/corporate-development-10-07 (cash signed 01.08- 10.09) winner Alina Stefanescu http://geaninasainu.wix.com/competition-cd 9. Total results: 34 Trainees Quarter 2 +80% comparing to 12/13 Inputs & Advices on Q2: - Start of April is a micro-peak of Matching with countries like The Philippines use it well and start much earlier partnerships with them! - The projects made in other cities in June/July are easier to promote, as both schools and students are very interested, but the promotion should start in early May. Quarter 3 -40% comparing to 12/13 Inputs & Advices on Q3: - In July/August we can not do educational projects financially sustained from the participants fees. This is why, we need projects with other incomes. If those are from institutions/NGOs the Raising/Signing need to happen from February/March and planned from winter. - On September, is better to come to schools/kindergartens only with projects on which they participated in the past also, to ease the Raising and make sure that the already Matched trainees will have work to do. Quarter 4 +140% comparing to 12/13 Inputs on Q4: - September/October/November are ok only for small realizations in kindergartens and primary schools, in order to have a easier Matching; for more than 5-6 simultaneous realizations are needed partnerships made from early summer - While planning projects on December/January, choose to have in December the ones that are more sustainable and that can involve the trainees in extra activities with stakeholders (projects participants) during the Winter Holidays. Quarter 1 - 41% comparing with 12/13 Inputs on Q1: - Plan for January the bigger part of the Winter Peak, mostly the projects with Institutions/NGOs - Dont plan too many realizations for March, as these are the ones that are going to happen during the transition, with Reception mostly in the VP elects responsibility 10. Trainees Sophia Palma, The Phillipines, Speak Your Mind Nina Janelle Corpus (The Phillipines), IK Dani Daniella Meni (Brazil), IK Iryna Rakocha (Ukraine), AIESEC Summer School Caracal Mishaal Zulfiqar (Pakistan), AIESEC Summer School Caracal Grace Wing Shan Luk (Hong Kong), GROW 1.1&1.2 Mirella Petikidi (Greece), GROW 1.1&1.2 Tughral Memon (Pakistan), GROW 1.1&1.2 Barca Barbara Michnova (Slovakia), GROW 1.1&1.2 Looloo Elaria Fares (Egypt), IK Juliana Freitas (Brazil), IK Venny Senjaya (Malaysia/Indonesia), IK Nad Nadjane Oliveira (Brazil), IK Alena Zapletalova (Czech Republic), IK Min Yang (Australia/China), Winter Vitamins Mariane Zanatta (Brazil), Winter Vitamins Paula Martinez (Colombia), Winter Vitamins Dion Barr Smith (New Zealand), Winter Vitamins Christina Seretaki (Greece), Winter Vitamins Ilyana Martinez (Mexico), AIESEC School Abby Ling Chen (Singapore), AIESEC School Carol Barreto (Brazil), AIESEC School Rodrigo Reyes (Chile), AIESEC School Marina Castro (Brazil), IK Ivana Spirova (Slovakia), IK Sharon Ho (Australia), IK Yulianna Kolinko (Russia), IK Rinah Nannyongah (Uganda), GROW 0.9&1.0 Lulu Luxin Li (China), GROW 0.9&1.0 Gregorio Nakamotome (Brazil), GROW 0.9&1.0 Clarabelle Tanurahardja (Indonesia), GROW 0.9&1.0 Juliana Freitas (Brazil), IK Franziska Fritz (Germany), IK 11. Initiatives: Dorms accommodation: after many years we started to host trainees in dorms. The only rules are that you need to know exactly the conditions that they will have in there and transmit it exactly during the Matching process, for them to have the right expectations. Restaurants partnerships: we stopped giving money to the trainees and we started singing barters with restaurants that would offer daily meals for all the trainees. In return, we created cultural weekly events there, with the project participants. TN Fee from trainees: each trainee was contributing to the financial sustainability of the projects with a small sum of money that would have covered the small expenses that are usually harder to predict (visa process, pick-up, promo, etc). Yet, all costs like this need to appear in the TN Form and to be discusses with the trainees pr