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  1. 1. 1 Incubatorul de Afaceri Soroca Sprijin pentru implementarea standartelor internationale si pentru cresterea competivitatii IMM pentru accesul pe noi piete si internationalizare Istorii de success in cadrul Incubatorului de Afaceri Soroca (Proiecte obtinute BAS, BM, SINTEF/SIVA) Intreprinderi de confectii Intreprinderea de export (fructe si legume) Intreprindere de productie (Import) Incubating Success. Best Practices that lead to best achievements 19th June, 20
  2. 2. The ENTRANSE Project within Organization for SME Development (ODIMM) is related mostly to the start-ups with a potential growth, and entrepreneurs with good business ideas in rural areas. The main objectives of ENTRANSE consist in supporting the development, increase the level of creating new jobs for the entrepreneurs by reduction of poverty and support the SME development sector in the Republic of Moldova ENTRANSEENTRANSE
  3. 3. Soroca Business IncubatorSoroca Business Incubator IAS- is an institution offering the entrepreneurs withIAS- is an institution offering the entrepreneurs with good business ideas and business plans, the chancegood business ideas and business plans, the chance to activate in an appropriate business environment.to activate in an appropriate business environment. The Soroca Pilot Business Incubator was created in 2009;The Soroca Pilot Business Incubator was created in 2009; It generated new small sustainable businesses;It generated new small sustainable businesses; It created new places of work;It created new places of work; It initiated new enterprises suppliers or sub suppliers ofIt initiated new enterprises suppliers or sub suppliers of already existing enterprises and other units of wellalready existing enterprises and other units of well established local businesses;established local businesses; It trained tenants aiming to improve entrepreneurialIt trained tenants aiming to improve entrepreneurial abilities.abilities. 3
  4. 4. IAS programIAS program Capital Support initially with 3 years operating grantsCapital Support initially with 3 years operating grants and self supporting after the 2nd phase of incubation;and self supporting after the 2nd phase of incubation; Initial period based on start-ups;Initial period based on start-ups; 2nd phase more focused on Export, Quality and Technology2nd phase more focused on Export, Quality and Technology Business Incubators;Business Incubators; Many Success Stories and many constraints providing richMany Success Stories and many constraints providing rich ground of experience for future growthground of experience for future growth Diversity is a unique feature in terms of Technology focus andDiversity is a unique feature in terms of Technology focus and transfer,transfer, Management vision, Institutional Capabilities etc.Management vision, Institutional Capabilities etc. 4
  5. 5. Five key components of business incubation A business incubation program works with mostly new companies/start-up screens potential clients based on set selection criteria provides comprehensive business assistance services has on-site management that coordinates the delivery of services graduates companies from the program 5 .
  6. 6. INCUBATION BEST PRACTICES THAT LEAD TO SUCCESSFUL NEW VENTURES IASIAS Reported motivations for establishing incubation programs Create local jobs Generate revenue Foster entrepreneurial climate Diversify local economies Retain firms in community Encourage minority or WE Build/accelerate local industry growth with future aim: Identify potential spin-ins or spin-outs Generate benefits for sponsors Revitalize distressed neighborhood Move people from welfare to work Commercialize technology 6
  7. 7. Incubation success Business incubation works Business retention 84% of graduates stay in community Increased likelihood of business success87% of incubator graduates stay in business Incubation success In 2015 alone, Republic of Moldova incubators 9 BIs helped more than 185 start-up companies that provided full-time employment for more than 486 jobs/ workers and generated annual revenues of more than euro 2 millions. 7
  8. 8. Characters of a successful incubation program Integration into larger community Part of overall community economic development plan Community/sponsor support for mission and operations An effective team Professional management with adequate pay Network of business advisors, mentors and consultants Professionalism Emphasizes client assistance Models good business practices Strives for financial sustainability Measures effectiveness and impact regularly 8
  9. 9. Creation of Business Incubators Network of Business Incubators - RIAM To accelerate the development of a productive and competitive economy in the rural area of the Republic of Moldova Created 9 business incubators in the rural areas of the Republic of Moldova (Soroca, Stefan Voda, Leova, Rezina, Singerei , Dubasari , Nisporeni, Cimislia, Ceadir Lunga; Incubate at least 135 businesses (15 enterprise per each new business incubator created); Assist the incubated businesses (render consultations, organise entrepreneurial trainings, etc); Establish lasting networks of business incubators in Moldova. Stimulation of creation of new enterprises in rural areas; Facilitation of access to information and entrepreneurial support; Enhancing of entrepreneurial skills among rural entrepreneurs; Development of common quality standards for Business Incubators from the Republic of Moldova, etc. Aim: Activities: Estimated results:
  10. 10. Creating the right dynamic Pre-incubation is About exploring the business value of napking ideas For founders only A coach approach Hands-on and output-driven Lets look at 5 key ingredients of impact What is it Brainstorming Training classes Business planning Consulting An application form 10
  11. 11. Creativity is a right brain activity It involves lateral as opposed to vertical thinking. It is intuitive, imaginative and rule breaking It requires interpersonal and emotional skills and is people focused Approaches to Innovation Have a problem & seek a solution Have a solution and seek a problem Identify a need and develop a solution 11
  12. 12. Encouraging Organizational Creativity Valuing and rewarding creativity Trusting culture Freedom -not over-control Slack in resources Open communication Exposure to new ideas Tolerance of mistakes Tolerance of divergence/difference Keep it simple KISS 12
  13. 13. Characters of a successful incubation program Negative effect on success The only incubation practice identified to have an inverse relationship to program and client success was not having a formal exit policy for incubator clients. Having formal graduation policies can contribute to incubator success Its about synergy No single incubator practice, policy or service is guaranteed to produce incubation program success. Instead, its the synergy among multiple practices, policies and services that produce optimal outcomes, there is no magic bullet 13
  14. 14. Synergy Achieving Professional Personal and Business results 14 Formula of Synergy 1X1 = 11 Synergy is the benefit derived from combining two or more elements so that the performance of the combination is higher than that of the sum of the individual elements
  16. 16. SummarySummary IAS is a practical example of organizing and operating a classic incubator in Moldova with a mixed profile based upon a powerful partnership, which activity is between: local public administration, donor with a mission, concrete vision and strategy, and results being obtained due to many efforts 16
  17. 17. 17 Acei antreprenori care sunt interesa i n domeniul interna ionalizrii afacerilor trebuie s posede capacitatea de a gndi la nivel global i a avea capacitatea de n elegere a culturilor interna ionale. De aprecierea i n elegerea credin ei, valorilor, comportamente i strategii de afaceri de o varietate de companii din alte ri, antreprenorii vor putea s interna ionalizeze cu succes. Antreprenorii trebuie s aib: o preocupare permanenta pentru inovare, men inerea unui nivel ridicat de calitate, s fie angajat s aiba responsabilitatea social a ntreprinderilor, i s continue s depun eforturi pentru a oferi cele mai bune strategii de afaceri i de mrfuri sau servicii posibile n timp ce adaptarea la diferite ri i culturi. Succesul este o cltorie, nu o destinaie
  18. 18. Contact information: Thank you for attention! ENTRANSE Stefan cel Mare Str., 180 Chisinau, MD 2004, Republic of Moldova Tel.: (+373 22) 83 83 45 Fax: (+373 22) 83 83 44 Mobile : (+373) 693 22 121 E-mail addres: lucia.usurelu@entranse.md Web address: www.entranse.md 18
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