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CEA SURELIFT Brochure 2015

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CEA Engineering Consult Co. Ltd. have officially launched their range of modular spreader beams called CEA Surelift™. As the logistics sector continues to demand safety with high quality and flexibility, CEA Engineering now produce DNV (Type) approved modular spreader beams with nominal lifting capacities from 50 Tonne to 400 Tonne. CEA Engineering will initially be focused on the SEA and Australasia regions with planned expansion worldwide through a network of country agents.
  • DNV Approved & Certified Worldwide

  • IntroductionSureLift, the quality name in the lifting industry is designed by experienced engineers for lifting professionals.

    At CEA we have many years of practical experience in the heavy crane, lifting and logistics industry. We decided to draw on our vast experience to produce a range of lifting products that completely match the stringent requirements of the industry today.

    In the past we were limited with equipment choices that partially fulfilled our requirements and the high demands of the lifting industry, so we designed a range of beams to meet industry needs for ourselves and our clients and achieve the highest possible international standards.

    Safety and confidence in every lift

    Six Key Benefits Designed and built by heavy lift engineers. Unique modular system prevents

    incorrect assembly

    Stackable storage & transportation racks save space and protect the beams

    Strut lifting eye-holes helps assembly Torque wrench provides accurate bolt

    tightening to the required setting

    Easy on the bank balance, SureLift is priced so you make money.

    Fool proof modular system prevents capacity/type assembly error

    Strut lifting eye-holes for smoother assembly

    SureLift torque wrench with accurate bolt tightening settings

  • The protective process illustrated 1 Mill Finish 2 Blasted White Metal 3 Primer Coat 4 Undercoat 5 Top Coat Gloss

    1 2 3 4 5

    SureSelectWe offer expert guidance when it comes to selecting the correct beam. Our in-house, simple-to-use software ensures you get the right beam every time, we call it SureSelect.

    Just type in the load and dimensions of your lift and SureSelect will provide you with the full details required for your lift including beam combination, sling lengths and shackle sizes.

    Access SureSelect on your iPad, Android tablet or smartphone on-site to enable you to get a correct configuration for the beam and equipment for the actual job in hand.

    Sure AssistOur website is online 24/7 to make sure you have all the information and active support you need. You can contact us directly or find your nearest local distributor who can give you the answers and support you need in your own language and time zone.

    An instructional video on how to correctly assemble and safely use the beam is available on our website.

    Visit cea-surelift.com for more information.

    Product OverviewUnique modular spreader beams in six carefully planned sizes from 50t to 400t that permit variable lengths to suit the load requirement, with no possibility of incorrect assembly.

    Key ComponentsEA End Arm

    US Upper Shackle

    LS Lower Shackle

    DL Drop Link

    IS/05 50cm Section

    IS/1 100cm Section

    IS/2 200cm Section

    IS/3 300cm Section

    IS/4 400cm Section

    IS/5 500cm Section

    IS/6 600cm Section

    Protective ProcessWe ensure that every beam we sell is protected in the best possible way against the rigours of handling, assembly, storage, on and offshore use and corrosion.

    The graphic shows the way we take care of this as standard. If you require a higher level of protection, we can coat the beam to suit your requirements at a small additional cost.

  • Purpose Designed BeamsOn occasions there are lifts that fall outside the performance of standard range beams. In this case it is necessary to use a beam designed to your particular lift specifications.

    Our engineering design department is fully qualified and well experienced in the design of all types of spreader and lifting beams to satisfy many bespoke requirements.

    We provide a full engineering design service encompassing layout & detailed design, analysis and reporting.

    Using the latest technologies in 3D modelling and analysis, we provide full design proposals with comprehensive calculation reports citing all applicable local and international regulations.

    Following fabrication, full certification and testing to specification can also be included in our commercial proposal.

    Essential ServicesLifting attachments that you will use over and over again.

    All beams come with special lightweight nylon lifting slings to make assembly easy and to prevent damage by direct handling, for example by fork trucks. Operators and riggers will appreciate how easy they are to use when executing client lifts. Surelift is the professional choice when ensuring lifts are done quickly and without issue.

    Special Lift & Rig PlanningFor those lifts that are more complex than just a simple single spreader bar between the slings, CEA SureLift provide a complete lift planning service to assist you in deciding what the most suitable and cost effective solution is for the lift.

    Complex arrangements of beams between multiple slings are often used and we can design such lift rigs for you.

    Sometimes it may be possible for us to involve your local CEA SureLift distributor or local crane rental company to provide you with either new, used or even rental equipment to do the single lift you require.

    TrainingHaving the best equipment is only the first step. The beams are designed to prevent incorrect assembly but SureLift want you to achieve the best selection and use of your beams so we offer comprehensive training courses. Courses can be held at our factory, distributors premises or your own facilities. Training offered includes:

    Selecting the right beam for the job Correct assembly of the beams under job site conditions Correct torquing of the flange bolts Correct selection of shackles and slings Dismantling, handling and storage of

    the beams slings and shackles.

    Training videos are available for those unable to attend our training courses. These are helpful health & safety guides, and useful in technical presentations to your clients.

    DNV TestingDNV is the most respected and recognised standard to which a manufacturer can aspire. At CEA SureLift we have taken great care at every step of our designs and fabrication to follow exact procedures and criteria specified by DNV.

    The design, production and testing procedures for each model of beam have been approved by DNV. Copies of our certification are available on our website.

    If a higher level of certification and testing is required, a full DNV fabrication survey and test witnessing on all beams can be provided at an additional cost before its delivered to you.

  • Functional Accessories A range of accessories designed to make your lift easier and safer

    from the calibrated torque wrench to DNV compliant bolts.

    If you have any questions regarding our accessories or would like to place an order with your local reseller. Please email [email protected]

    We supply a torque wrench with every beam to assist with the correct assembly. Can be supplied separately if required.

    Soft slings suitable for lifts where chain or wires may damage the load. Available in all lengths and capacities from 10t to 300t.

    Transverse and longitudinal lift container spreader beams are designed, engineered and fabricated on request.


    The correct shackles can be supplied together with your beam or separately according to your requirements.

    We supply European made hook blocks from 5t to 500t capacity for mobile cranes, gantry cranes and marine use.

    Extra tough plastic outrigger mats from 0.5m2 to 4m2 in area, light to carry and extremely hard wearing.


    Boom or tower mounted to give almost daylight conditions on the job site. Operate from the crane battery or power pack.

    Beams available to suit all special lifting requirements, certified according to the job requirements.

    Range of standard and custom automatic twist lock container beams to suit standard 20ft and 40ft containers.


  • Spreader Beam SWL Capacity GraphsThe design and structure of our capacity graphs have been

    developed to ensure they are simple and clear to follow.

    2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

    SL110STV 45

    Sling To Vertical

    Span (Metres)

    SWL (Tonnes)

    STV 30

    STV 1530




















    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

    SL50STV 45

    Sling To Vertical

    Span (Metres)

    SWL (Tonnes)

    STV 30

    STV 15

    SL70STV 45

    Sling To Vertical

    Span (Metres)

    SWL (Tonnes)

    STV 30

    STV 15














    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

  • SureSelect smart online software Easy-to-use online software that makes your lift plan easy.

    Visit www.cea-surelift.com/sureselect-lift-planner

    2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

    SL400STV 45

    Sling To Vertical

    Span (Metres)

    SWL (Tonnes)

    STV 30

    STV 15




    2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

    SL180STV 45

    Sling To Vertical

    Span (Metres)

    SWL (Tonnes)

    STV 30

    STV 15




    SL250STV 45

    Sling To Vertical

    Span (Metres)

    SWL (Tonnes)

    STV 30

    STV 15

    2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20











  • Q. How many struts can I insert between the two end units?A. Any number and combinations up to five pieces.

    Q. Is the position of the different length struts in the beam important?

    A. As a general rule the longest strut should be placed in the centre as this will make the weight of the beam more balanced. Other positioning will not affect the SWL

    Q. If I only have longer slings than the actual length on the chart can I still use these?

    A. Yes as long as both are of equal length, the capacity shown on the chart for the correct length will still apply.

    Q. Can I mix components from other capacity SureLift beams by mistake when assembling my beam?

    A. No. SureLift have designed each capacity beam with a different size and its impossible to get components mixed up when assembling a beam.

    Q. Can I use a fork lift truck to pick up my beams?A. No. These should be avoided as they can damage the tubes.

    These are structural beams and if they get damaged by the forks then their strength may be affected.

    Q. If I buy only a short beam can I buy more components for it later?

    A. Yes, however you must check if the new length beam may need testing locally if the authorities require local regular testing of beams.

    Q. Is the internationally recognised certification you provide with each beam all I need to use my beam in my country?

    A. Your local authorities may require you to perform a test and inspection to issue a local certificate prior to your use of the beam. Each beam may need retesting and inspection after a prolonged duration, please check with the local authority to make sure the beam certificate is valid.

    Q. Can I re-use the fixing bolts?A. DNV recommended that the fixing bolts be replaced after

    each assembly but this depends on your local certification requirements.

    Q. Is it essential to torque the bolts to the recommended settings on the charts?

    A. This is critical and for this reason we supply you with a pre-marked torque wrench with each beam.

    Frequently Asked QuestionsBelow we have answered some of the more common questions

    are clients have. We also keep the latest FAQs on our website,

    so whatever your question, just let us know by email and well

    answer it. Send your question to [email protected]

    For latest FAQs, visit cea-surelift.com/faqs

    International CertificationsCEA Engineering are the holding company of the CEA SureLift

    trade name and are associate members of LEEA.

    We are recognised for our expertise in the design and production of lifting accessories. We hold 3rd party design verification type approval from Det Norke Vertitas as standard on the full range of spreader beams up to SL400. We can further provide DNV fabrication survey and proof load testing certification if requested at additional cost.

    Our SureLift products conform with International legislation across the USA, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world.

  • Find your local distributorWe have official distributors in many countries in the world who

    can help with your technical enquiries. Some have stock available

    and are able to quote you the best price and delivery for our

    whole range of beams.

    Check our website to find the most up-to-date information on our nearest distributors.


    CEA ENGINEERING CONSULT COMPANY LIMITED 41/13 M1, Ao-Udom Road, Tungsukhla, Sriracha, Chonburi 20230 Thailand Phone +66 38 354 019 Fax +66 38 354 772 Email [email protected]

    Registered in Chonburi, Thailand. Registration Number 0205557016242

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DNV Approved & Certified Worldwide
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